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David & Brenda & Brookes M

*Mike has a post-secondary financial education from the University of Alberta, which serves him better than competing agents who do not. He has the vocabulary and economic knowledge required to handle inquisitive clients who have a high degree of interest in the market, and the forces that drive sales and listings. *Mike attended our listing appointment better prepared than other Realtors we interviewed. He had data to support his replies to all questions we asked of him about the market, sales histories and boom-bust economic cycles. *Mike was open and transparent at all times, especially when fielding ethical questions about dual-agency. *Mike brought clients to the property and personally showed it. *Mike provided positive constructive criticism on how to improve the property in order to maximize its appeal for showings. *Mike is a husband and father, which serves him well in relating to clients of a similar domestic circumstance. *Mike is respectful and deferential, without compromising his value as a smart realtor. He can offer good, strong advice without being overbearing, condescending or leaving the client feeling as though they are being unreasonable in their requests. *Mike makes good use of text messaging to say in touch with clients. For those who use this method of communication, it is much appreciated. *Mike’s use of email and PDF documents makes paperwork relatively effortless, which is greatly appreciated by busy clients who operate more and more via mobile devices.